Kalle............. 2004, video & installation, 20:00

In 2003 I went as the translator with a Dutch ensemble touring the former Yugoslavia. The material collected during the concerts were the basis for further investigation. What does Bach’s Mass have in common with the symptoms of a mad dog? How come this ‘Balkan dog’ has the Scandinavian name Kalle?

Through the installation Kalle's ambiguity is considered as the potential source for condensation of historical or religious myths. The strange behaviour of Kalle is juxtaposed with the content of the Mass and the physical efforts of the musicians during the concert. Compassion and fascination with the dog - as a suffering victim - are alternating. The complementary colours, green and red, are further underlining the contradictions of this dog’s identity.

Video Kalle is projected on the wall. Additional ‘documentation space’ includes an extra monitor with the stories from Kalle’s youth. These written testimonies and occasional images of ‘evidence’ are combined with whistling as a variation on Bach’s masse. Next to the monitor there is an anamorphic image (1 x 4,5 meter) composed of A4 prints, one small photograph, two paper flags and its legends (images 5 - 8). This collage reflects upon ‘Kalle’s Europe’ - the map that shows the origin and spread of the name Kalle (images 3 and 4).